This course is for the ZHS robotics club and any other ZCSD community members who are interested in exploring more with robotics.

Information for Zachary Community School District School Level Technology Facilitators

Workshop Summary

This brief workshop will discuss Forums, Digital Submission, and Embedding Video in Moodle.

Workshop Summary

This workshop will cover several features in Moodle that can be used as teaching tools including forums, wiki's, glossaries, RSS, and digital drop boxes.  The purpose of this workshop is to show teachers how Moodle can be used as an extension of the physical classroom.

Workshop Summary

This workshop will explore Photostory, a multimedia program that incorporates, pictures, music, audio, voice, and text to create movies.  Photostory can be used to create student projects or teacher-made instructional movies.  Participants in this workshop will create a Photostory movie that includes various multimedia componenets

Workshop Summary

This workshop will focus on the use of podcasting in education.  Subscribing to podcasts and creating podcasts will be discussed.  Participants will write and create a sample podcast and post it to the web through Moodle.

Web 2.0 + Instructional Technologies