Course Description:

  • In this course students will learn to speak on a intermediate level through listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish.  Students will learn new vocabulary and grammar every week throughout the course.  You will also learn survival phrases for the classroom and for life.
  • We will cover Louisiana State Standard Benchmarks:

-Communication: CM-1-E1 through CM-1-E7, CM-2-E1 through CM-2-E8

-Cultures: CL-1-E1 through CL-1-E7, CL-2-E1 through CL-2-E3

-Connections: CN-1-E1 through CN-1-E3, CN-2-E1 

-Comparisons: CP-1-E1 through CP-1-E7, CP-2-E1 through CP-2-E4

- Communities: CT-1-E1 through CT-1-E5, CT-2-E1 through CT-2-E5, CT-3-E1 through CT-3-E4


What is TPRS: TPRS means Total Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling.  The goal of TPRS is to build fluency and confidence.  Unlike other traditional foreign language teaching methods, grammatical accuracy is taught, but not through formal grammar drills. 

Language is learned by understanding messages in the target language.  That means language is picked up through comprehensible input. Input is listening and reading that is understood by the learner.  My focus as a teacher is to ensure the class is totally comprehensible.  Also, it must be repetitive and interesting.  I teach the class an interesting story that is invented by asking students repetitive questions.

 Class Goals:

  • Spanish 3: Students will be able to speak with a native speaker and be able to communicate basic to intermediate ideas and concepts.